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Post-covid, nations will look inwards; india should look at neighbourhood: ex-nsa

President Enrique Pena Nieto said if the claims were true, Mr Obama had pledged to impose suitable penalties. Correspondents say there are now fears the row could jeopardise her trip.

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Earlier he told reporters : "What we're focused on is making sure the Brazilians understand exactly what the nature of our intelligence effort is. A statement released by the French presidency after the phone call in French said Mr Obama had pledged to "finish with practices that have taken place in the past". He called two emergency meetings, the first with France's top security officials and another with leading legislators.

National security agency

Brazil said if proven they were an unacceptable violation kooking sovereignty. The unwritten rule in all of this is that if you are caught, expect a very public denunciation. According to the summary of an intercepted exchange, the French envoy to Washington and Mr Sarkozy's diplomatic adviser discussed Mr Sarkozy's plan to express his "frustration" over US unwillingness to a "bilateral intelligence co-operation agreement".

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The secret documents showed how US agents had also spied on communications between aides of Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff, he said. If that is the extent of it, though, it hardly amounts to a major rupture.

From Wikileaks scoops, the French have known lookimg years that they are spied on by the Americans. The allegations prompted a backlash from the French government, with Mr Hollande saying he would "not tolerate" acts that threaten France's security. The White House said after the two leaders' phone call "we are not targeting and will not target" Mr Hollande's communications.

Mr Hollande has telephoned Mr Obama. But behind the scenes life will go on as normal.

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Related Topics. Le Monde notes that while the government has remained largely silent in the past, the latest revelation is "the last straw".

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A file dated suggests that French officials were aware that the US was spying on them and intended to complain ralatioh it. Another one - from - alleges that Mr Sarkozy was determined to peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, possibly without US involvement. Wikileaks began publishing the files on Tuesday, under the heading "Espionnage Elysee" - a reference to the French presidential palace.

Top Stories Americans head to polls to choose their president, with nearly million early votes already cast. The Wikileaks files have now been published by France's Liberation newspaper and the Mediapart investigative website.

'full investigation'

French intelligence officials are due to travel to Washington for more talks. French aware?

The Ra,ation ambassador was summoned to give explanations. French media reaction "Bugged", left-leaning Liberation says bluntly, devoting its entire front to the story. It says Paris asked Washington to stop spying in when Wikileaks revealed that the US was spying on French companies - but did not get a concrete answer. An intelligence chief is being despatched to Washington.

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Brazil's state-owned news agency Agencia Brasil has reported that a trip to Washington this coming Saturday by a delegation preparing for her visit has been cancelled. They had been due to stay for five days, flr out the schedule and facilities, it said.

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If there are concerns that we can address consistent with our national security requirements, Latiino will aim to do so through our bilateral relationship. Since then, he has written a series of stories about surveillance by US and UK authorities.

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The allegations were made by a journalist who obtained secret files from fugitive US leaker Edward Snowden. The fact is that the French and US intelligence services enjoy a degree of cooperation and interdependence that no ralaiton in Paris would ever dream of jeopardising. Only last month it was revealed that the Germans - acting on behalf of the NSA - were snooping after industrial secrets.

It said the secret files "derive from directly targeted NSA surveillance of the communications" of the three French presidents as well as French ministers and the ambassador to the US. The conversation between Mr Hollande and Mr Obama had Lonely housewives looking hot sex Manila on "the principles that should govern relations between allies on intelligence matters".

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