Check out podcasts from some of Phoenix's top comedians along with Phoenix regular visitors.
Lou Moon & Tristan Bowling - Photo: Holly Beaupre

Crack House Podcast

Hosted by: Rick Bronson, Matt Broome, Jack Galvin & Producer Buck Newman

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a full-time comedian? Be a fly on the wall as our hosts chat with nationally-touring comedians about exactly that! They’ll discuss the path from open mics to headlining clubs, how to pay your bills with jokes, the comedy industry, the creative process and sometimes just stories about the absurdity of life on the road!

Is It Dark In Here?

Hosted by: James Hoenscheidt, Kristofer Royer, and Nolan Ross

The comedy podcast/sketch show that shines a light on our darkest moments. Starring James Hoenscheidt, Kristofer Royer, and Nolan Ross. Produced by Nolan Ross. Theme song by Buttress.

Lady and the Drunk

Hosted by: Leigh Houck and Danny Garcia

A weekly podcast where the hosts try and validate why they don’t have any other friends! Hosted by two standup comics Leigh Houck and Danny Garcia, who cover an array of topics from “why do people try and talk to me with headphones” to “How to get my hot black neighbor to fall in love with me?”

Meat Sweats

Hosted by: Matt Walker and Bill Laskowski

Weekly, comedians Matt Walker and Bill Laskowski break down the uncomfortable side of life, faith, and family. Join them and the occasional guest as they get sweaty while being meaty.

One, Two, Three Jokes

Hosted by: Ricardo Leon

A competitive comedy podcast where we read 3 stories from the news, tell 3 jokes about each story, and decide who has written the funniest joke.

Please Send Dick Pics

Hosted by: April Wallterscheid

Home of Dick of the Week! We’re changing the whole Dick Pic Game. Send us anything! pleasesenddickpics@gmail.com

Please Send Nudes

Hosted by: Charles Engles and Mike Enders

PSN is an absolute gas! Run by Phoenix comedians Mike Enders and Charles Engle, Please Send Nudes is the mastermind behind the unfortunate “Send Nudes” video outbreak. Topics include dating advice, new stories, and the very popular Area Code Game.

So Let Me Get This Straight

Hosted by: Ernesto Ortiz and Gene Moore

Ernesto and Gene take iconic speeches, dissect, analyze and try to determine their true message.

Taste Buddies

Hosted by: Genevieve Rice

Every week, a guest joins comedian and human woman Genevieve Rice as they discuss the best thing in this world: food.

Wings With Friends

Hosted by: Mary Upchurch

Wings with Friends is a podcast about food, fun, and friends! In each episode, we explore the guest’s favorite wing flavor and their greatest moments. Then, we further dive into the personal, the funny, and the ridiculous.

Witch Doctorate

Hosted by: Renée Watt

A mystical Spellcast coming to your beautiful ears! Witch Doctorate takes the structure of a traditional University with a witchy twist, plus there’s comedy!