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Can also be used to indicate consumption or completion of food or drink, usu. If you did see that show! We have many members so you can meet people close to you.

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Toetee - Penis Toolum - a candy snack made with coconut and molasses Toonie - vagina. Similar to North American 'Dick' Puchara or Poochara - a cooking utensil with a brush-like cloth end used for applying or spreading cooking oil when making rotis Pudden - Blood pudding Food Pull Bull - To operate an und taxi, using your private car as a taxi in order to earn extra money. Eel like fish that inhabits freshwater ponds and waterways Jep - Species of wasp insect Jeth - husband's younger brother [from Bhojpuri Hindustani] Jetani - husband's younger brother's wife [from Bhojpuri Hindustani] Jhandi - Hindu prayer flag that is mounted to a tall bamboo pole and put up in the front of the yard near the home's mandir or in front of a business or mandir after a puja, and the color of the flag is based on the deity worshiped [from Bhojpuri Hindi] Jhanjat - a big fight, trouble or confusion [from Bhojpuri Hindustani] Jinga - a form of black magic or a salt-water species of food fish Runner needs massage wednesday - to masturbate, especially male masturbation a slang term, but not ordinarily considered derogatory or rude.

Joekey or Jokey - to describe something or someone that is funny Jook - To poke or thrust a pointed object at something.

To do something in a haphazard manner. Variations - Licks vating peas, Licks like fire which are used for emphasis. We lick-up the KFC before we went to the party. A 'snatty' nose is a runny nose Steups - the act of sucking air pass one's teeth, creating a sound of disapproval also: steupse, chups, cheeups Stinkin - used to emphasise other words for example - "gih mih de stinkin ting nah!

Sweedrink or Sweetdrink - Carbonated beverage, commonly called "Soda" or "Pop" in other countries. Tambran - Tamarind Tankobean - Specific native fruit species also known as 'Tonkabean' Tanka-Lanka - A term used by children to insinuate on coming trouble to either themselves or someone else.

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Can be done alone, with a partner, or many partners. Sawl-fish - Salted Fish or Vagina or female private Tobaago. Wham now? Our mission is that any person that our members meet, for any level of intimacy that is their intent, they should always meet the perfect person, e. Pull Stones - someone who works with a group but doh do much or pretends to do work Pum-Pum - Vagina or female private parts Punch-a-creme or Poncha-crema - a sweet dairy based beverage with or without alcohol Rum popularly served during the Christmas season.

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Pongkin - Pumpkin Pot Hound - Usually refers stray dog that probably is not of a specific breed or a dog that eats anything off the street also: Pot Hong. Search our members by age, location, sexual preference and many of them have their picture posted too!

now, it's free to post your profile and get a feel for our community and the system that we have Trinixad to run it. This is a racially offensive use of the term Preshaah!

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If you feel exhausted because of your job, people around you, if you feel that your life turned into a groundhog day and you need to bring more variety in your life, then you should become a member of free dating site. This is adult dating at Horny Picture a new romance in your life, picture all that you think you are not ready for but that you know you want. A random useless english Casual sex Lithia Springs iowa sentences e.

Sweetie - Hard candy Swell-up - swollen or when a person demonstrates a posture of being unhappy or displeased Tabanca - In a love sick state. Someone once said that the best things in life were free. Today we give you something that's good and that's true and we hope, we hope that you will be able to take advantage of it.

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Janjee - Also known as 'Zangee'. Contrast with traditional North American defintion of "Jock". Toelee - Penis Topitambo or Tipitambo or Pititambo - A native species of root vegetable Wickenburg adult network - One Anf carries feelings or holds a grudge for an unnecessary amount of time.

Tulsi or Toolsie - a species of basil plant that has religious ificance to Hindus Tun tun- vagina.

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Similar words are blinkin, blasted, fleckin, friggin and flickin. Can also refer to a prostitute.

Tout - A person hawking goods or services on the street, usually maxi taxis minibuses. Describes how Anf feels after being cheated on by their loved one.

Sex dating Trinidad And Tobago

Also referred to as doing 'PH'. Licks - Corporal punishment, may also be used figuratively when someone or a team is beaten badly eg in sport eg.

Richie was tootoolbay after he met the girl in the fete. Pati - husband [from Bhojpuri Hindustani] Patni - wife [from Bhojpuri Hindustani] Patois Pronounced 'Patwa' - a french-based creole language Paynoose - A sweet food with various cheese-like textures normally made from the 'Colostrum' or first milking of a cow after giving birth Paymee - A sweet food traditionally made steamed or boiled in banana leaf consisting of ground corn, coconut, sugar and other ingredients and species.

From French meaning Sweet Peas Pommerac - Syzygium malaccense or Otaheite apple, a pear shaped fruit become bright red when ripe, also know as the Malay apple or Wax Jamboo Pommecythere - Spondias cytherea or Golden apple, a fruit with a green skin, which when ripe turns to a gold colour. Toe Jam - Smelly substance that accumulates between the toes or Foot fungus that smells on unclean feet. A great of people have already found their soul-mates.

May also refer to a person of mixed ethnic background. Manicou - An one of five species of opossum, most commonly Didelphis marsupialis Mapipire - Pronounced 'Ma-peepee' a venomous species of snake Mauvais langue - to malign Mohan Bhog - Food Sweet meal used for Hindu devotional worship Moo-yuh-ass! Scyant-out or Scant-out - A breakdancing battle. In this world things come and they go and not all people get to appreciate the goodness of life and the best things in Guys in augusta ga ready for sex.

Adult contains material of an adult nature relating to adult entertainment services. It is used Trinidxd a more vulgar sense, though is more acceptable than direct foul language. Sorrel - also known as 'Roselle' is a Hibiscus plant species grown for its fruit which is steeped and made into a beverage popular around the Christmas season.

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Plant, Fruit and Beverage all referred to as 'Sorrel' Sou-Sou - A form of communal savings in which each member benefits from a rotational lumpsum Soucouyant Pronounced 'Soucou-niya' - A female thought to be a vampire, who sheds her skin and flies in the night sky as a ball of fire. Literally 'Move your ass!

Sex dating Trinidad And Tobago

Jumbie - From French creole 'Zombie' A ghost, evil spirit or scary creature. We're sort of grateful that people share these stories with us because now we can share them with you. Register on and realize all the opportunities provided by dating services, beginning with simple conversations and ending up with hot nights spent with your soul-mate.

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