Sexy dread lady looking for romance



Mama Klump : You've got to clean 'em yourself! I can smell it over here!

30 creative dreadlock styles for girls and women

He was told to get a haircut. Grandma Klump : Come on, Cletus!

Sexy dread lady looking for romance

Don't break gas and destroy our meal. There are other things we can worry about.

My life in sex: the insatiable husband

Papa Klump : Yeah. It aint nuthin' but a short walk. And sometimes when you want something so so bad, you'll do just about anything to get it. You're the one that brought up colon cleansin' and all that mess! I hope you fart until your asshole falls out.

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Papa Klump : Don't you talk about putting a tube up somebody's ass, but I can't break wind. Buddy's who I thought the whole world wanted me to be. Mama Klump : Every time we have a meal, you start breaking gas. I aint no easy win, nigga! I said I was going to get my colon cleaned.

Sexy dread lady looking for romance

Grandma Klump : I'll kick your lazy ass up. If anything goes wrong, for any reason [pause] Dean Richmond : I'm going to kill you.

And I don't ladj that as a euphemism, I am going to literally kill you. Do you smell shit? Well, when I started out, I wanted to help people.

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But the guard might not have much to stand on, according to one attorney familiar with the issue. I'm talking squeaky clean.

Sexy dread lady looking for romance

Sherman Klump : I assure you, I will not let you down. Papa Klump : Don't tell me to stop!

Sexy dread lady looking for romance

Do you know how I know all these things? But I learned one thing from Buddy.

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Buddy Love : Someone has to tend to Chunky Butt's sex life. Now, see what you made me do? Grandma Klump : You lazy mother!

Sexy dread lady looking for romance

Life isn't about being happy with how much you weigh, but just being happy with yourself. Now I will lose weight, but I'm always gonna be big no matter what I do.

Sexy dread lady looking for romance

Buddy Love : What's wrong with that breath? Now my colon is clean.

Sexy dread lady looking for romance

Sherman Klump : The truth is, Carla, I'm a big man. You think you're gonna run your asshole by the car romancf You know, I can go all night. Dean Richmond : You won't.

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Reggie, your breath is so stinky, people look forward to your farts. Case in point. Breath smells like shit!

I'm terribly sorry about all of this, I hope I haven't ruined everybody's evening. Please excuse me.

Sexy dread lady looking for romance

Mama Klump : Cletus, come clean this garbage up.

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