Sunday, October 6, 2019
Sunday, October 6, 2019
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Dana Whissen, Courtney Wahlstrom

The first thing that Courtney & Dana said when they started Comedy was, "Where’s all the Dudes?". The Bro Show is a stand up / sketch comedy show produced in Phoenix, Arizona by Courtney Wahlstrom, and Dana Whissen. The show consists of an all women lineup dressed up as men who perform their set from a male perspective.

Appearing on the show are the “OG Bros” (the production team) and “Guest Bros” which are other local comediennes. The production team writes and performs sketches, has audience participation, and makes various other appearances throughout the show, including a recently released rap single. The Bro Show takes a jab at “open mic culture” while drawing attention to the encounters women face when beginning a stand up comedy career.

Show line-up is subject to change
This show is produced by Mellow B Entertainment

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